Rugged Rangers

The Rugged Rangers is a totally different concept to the activities that we run in that it is more like a club where the kids will learn much more advanced skills and in fact they will be building a Long House as their own club house.

They will learn how to do all of the basic skills that we normally teach such as fire lighting and knife skills but will also learn how to make wooden tools and other resources that they will need to complete the Long House build.

The club house will look similar to the one shown here but will include an enclosure and may even include an area to keep chickens and rabbits.


They will learn to respect nature, other people and their fellow Rangers and on graduation of their first 20 sessions they will receive a free Gift that will include:

A back pack

A mora safety knife (parents will need to keep these to one side)

And a Ferro Rod


They will receive other free items at times throughout their time with us. Participants will need to be 8 or over.

The cost is £7.50 per session

We have decided to introduce badges for the Rugged Rangers so that they can show their progress we hope to get them made soon but certificates are available and we will also start on each of the 3 levels for the kids

Photo by Mark Ash

Some of the many activities that they will get to do as a Rugged Ranger